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Living space is always a premium and the larger the room the more comfortable the living space will be. Sometimes however, the space available is limited and one must become creative in how the living space is arranged. There are many techniques you can use to make your small room look bigger.

Whether you live in a dormitory or in a tiny urban apartment, there are several things you can do to make your tiny living space appear larger. And, while they don’t actually increase the square footage, they do give the illusion of a larger, more airy room. Here are 4 creative things you can do to make your small room look bigger. And, cause your living space to become more beautiful, spacious, and inviting.

Use Color to Enhance Your Tiny Living Room

Color can make a small room look much larger. Chose a light colored wallpaper or paint. If you decide to use more than one shade of color, arrange the darker shades towards the floor and lighter shades towards the ceiling. This is effective because it draws a person’s eyes upwards, and causes the ceiling to appear taller.

Accent the ceiling with trim or designs that are both interesting and attractive. Use flooring that has lines or stripes. Just like pinstriped pants makes a person’s legs look longer, this causes the floor to appear longer than it really is. 


Window and Wall Dressings for Your Small Room:

Use transparent curtains that allow maximum light into the room. Also, instead of mounting the curtains in the recess of the window, mount them above the window as close to the ceiling as possible. This makes the windows appear larger than they really are. It also make the ceiling look taller than they really are. Pictures on the wall should be large and mounted close to the ceiling. Avoid using small pictures which gives the appearance of clutter.

Clean window panes also allow light into the room. Window panes can be cleaned using white vinegar and old newspapers. Spray the window pane with white vinegar and shine it with newspaper or paper towels.

Another way to cause the small room to appear larger is to strategically place shelving close to the ceiling. You can then use these shelves for hidden light fixtures, curios, or even books to accent the shelf and the ceiling.

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Furniture can Maximize your Tiny Living Space:

Choose multi-functioning furniture that can serve different purposes. For example, an ottoman can double as a coffee table and a storage bin. Sofa sleeper beds are great for overnight guests and stackable tables can be stored in a corner of the room until they are needed.  Extendable dining tables can be retracted until the extension is needed.

Avoid overstuffed furniture since they give the appearance of being too large for many rooms. Furniture with clean straight lines can streamline the length of a wall and give a sense of order and style. Arrange the furniture away from the entrance of the room. This gives the illusion of an open floor plan as a person enters the room.

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Declutter your Small Room:

Kitchens and bathrooms tend to accumulate a lot of clutter, but a few organizational skills can go a long way in solving this problem. Keep counter tops and sink areas clutter free by using small baskets or bins for under the sink storage. These can be purchased from You can even use ‘over-the-door’ shoe racks for items that are used regularly. This allows you to store these items out of sight but also within reach as needed.

Hanging baskets can store vegetables and fruits. In the bedroom, many beds have storage drawers under the beds. And, storage trunks can be placed at the foot of the bed, and doubles as a seat.

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It is said that, “home is where your heart is.” With these decorating tips your home can be a place where you feel ‘at home’. Consequently, allow your creative juices to flow. Don’t hesitate to try new ideas and keep in mind that you can be unconventional if you so desire. Your home is a place where you should be eager to return to, and with these arrangement tips you can be proud and happy to bring guests to your beautiful home.


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