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Are you tired of working a 9-5 job? Or, maybe you’d prefer to wake up late and take long lunches, confident in your ability to finish your work on time. What if you could be your own boss? Perhaps, you want to travel or be at home with your family, and you view commuting as a pain. There are several successful home business ideas to give entrepreneurs the freedom to control their work, time, and personal growth. Whatever your reason, if you want the flexibility to work from home, starting your own home-based business may be an option for you. If a change in lifestyle is what you’re after, then you’ll want to take a close look at your skills and interests to figure out which fields fit you best.

online jobs at home

If you have computer skills, then, an online home based business may be for you. In this age of technology, if you have a computer and internet connection, there are many home business ideas available. There are many ways to make money from home writing, such as freelance writing articles, ghostwriting, or copywriting. And, many have low or no startup costs. Whether your skill set is communication, technology, or design, you are sure to find something on this list of 10 online home business ideas to meet your criteria.

online jobs at home


Freelance writers work from all over the world. You may have to write an industry white paper, articles, or emails and newsletters. Of course, successful writers need to have a firm grasp on grammar and tone. Your editing skills must be stellar. And you must have the ability to do research, and incorporate content that you might be unfamiliar with. The more topics you’re familiar with, the better off you are. It could help if you become an expert in a few different fields, like technology, or small business finance. It’s always important for all freelancers to know how to market themselves, and network with potential customers.You may even want to write your own e-books to sell on Amazon and similar websites. The option that provides the most freedom for artistic expression is fiction writing.

online jobs at home

 Freelance writing can have zero publishing costs, and low design costs. This can positively benefit your bank account in no time at all. In the old days you needed an agent, a publisher, and a distributer in order to sell your books. Today, however, you can self-publish with very little overhead costs. Regardless of you method of publishing, marketing is crucial. So, start by building an author platform and a book marketing plan.

online jobs at home


Another way to have control over your writing is through blogging. Blogging allows you to choose any topic you desire. Of course, you should choose topics that people want to know about, or are interested in. Whether you are a niche writer, or competent in a variety of topics, make sure you are a writer that has a plethora of ideas to share with your audience. If you think that you can provide valuable content and words of wisdom to an internet audience, then blogging is probably for you. Blogging has grown in popularity as a home-based business idea. Many women have “mommy blogs” that succeed by incorporating advice and experiences with sponsorships, and promotions.

online job at home

Blogging does not produce financial support of itself. Nor does it provide an income immediately. But, over time, it can provide a very lucrative financial base, that can multiply exponentially. It can also sustain a continuous flow of passive income, that is, it continues to produce an income without any further work to that particular blog.

online jobs at home

Blogging does come at a cost however; you will need to purchase a domain, and determine an avenue to publish your blog. The most common way to monetize your blogs is through marketing campaigns, and affiliate marketing. You could provide advertising space, but a lot more money is often found in sponsorships and affiliate marketing.

online jobs at home

Affiliate marketing provides income from companies in return for sponsoring products and services. When you provide valuable content to your readers, your audience will begin to trust your judgement, and may be willing to try products that you recommend. Avoid intense or deceptive sales pitches. Instead, focus on genuine recommendations of products that you are familiar with. Your readers will understand that you need to make money somehow, and many will appreciate your recommendations if they’re accurate.


online jobs at home

The online tutoring industry is growing rapidly with the continued development of technologies and widespread usage of the internet. Individuals who don’t have time to attend full-time classes have started taking online classes. If you are an expert in a certain subject matter, like calculus or biology, or if you have mastered the art of test taking, such as taking standardized tests, like the SATs or MCATs, you can share that knowledge with students looking to improve their academic performance. You should also have a passion for teaching, and must be able to present the subject matter in several ways depending on the learning style of your student. With these skills in place, you may be able to market yourself as an online tutor.

online jobs at home

First, choose the field you are passionate about, and help others in gaining knowledge by providing virtual classes. At every stage of life, people love to learn new things. So providing online tutoring can be a profitable business. You must be familiar with the formats and policies of the tests you plan to instruct students on. You must also feel comfortable handling the content. And, of course, you must be able to service customers through video conferencing programs such as Skype.


online jobs at home

Busy executives usually reach a point in their careers where they simply can’t manage all the calls, emails, appointments, and smaller responsibilities on their plates. They are focused on running their companies. As a virtual assistant, you would use your phone, email, computer skills, and any number of online tools and applications, to handle their online calendars, schedule appointments and meetings, make reservations, purchase tickets, set up reminders, organize events, file documents, and more.

If you are an organizing freak, this job might be perfect for you. If you’re the type of person who color-codes their planners and sends out Google calendar invitations for coffee dates, then being a virtual assistant could be a fun and fulfilling job that you can do from your home.

online jobs at home


Many executives and speech-makers don’t have the time to research or fact-check their content. As a professional researcher and fact-checker, it’s your job to make sure that all of the business professionals, scholars, academics, lawyers, educators, and journalists, have accurate information on the topics they are addressing.

online jobs at home

These professionals don’t have the time they actually need to carry out all of the research necessary on a day-to-day basis. It’s your job as researcher/fact-checker, to peruse old academic essays or case files, to analyze bibliographies, or to carry out some market research.  Researchers and fact- checkers are valuable assets to any company. Of course, you need to be organized, meticulous, and skilled at communication. And, this job can be done at home, and with flexible schedules.


online jobs at home

So, you are a social media guru, but don’t know how this can help you make money. Never fear, many companies pay top dollar to people who can manage their social media accounts. A company’s social media platform represents a professional image of that company to the world. If you can stay on brand, share content appropriately, reply to customers intelligently, while pulling in a plethora of likes, hearts, retweets, and up votes, then you could be a super social media manager.

online jobs at home


online jobs at home

If you know multiple languages, then translating could be the job on our home-based business ideas list for you. As a translator, you can translate articles, press releases, e-books, or other written material. You may even be able to translate videos, podcasts, or contribute to international closed captions for a variety of visual products. You could connect with international businesses to serve as a translator for meetings, or phone calls.With experience in more than one language and access to the internet, you’ll be surprised about how far-reaching your home translating business can go.

online jobs at home


Many companies and freelance sites have jobs and projects in web building and graphic design available. Even though this is a technical field, creating websites and graphics requires knowledge of artistic elements such as color, texture, and fonts. More and more freelancers and businesses are going online to promote themselves, but many don’t have the time or knowledge to build a website, or to create needed logos, and graphics. They hire a designer. Because this type of art is Internet-based, you can find clients from all over the world. Once you have a portfolio, you can decide to narrow your niche, such as working only for non-profits or setting up WordPress sites.

online jobs at home


Becoming a freelance coder is an especially great home-based business idea since coding is a highly sought-after skill. You can take on a wide diversity of projects rather than working with a single company. Or you may choose to pursue your own freelance software development. Webpage design and development are especially in demand for freelance coders, each earning median salaries of $56,143 and $88,488, respectively. And, any kind of software engineering fields can get you clientele and cash. Many technology companies and startups offer their own enticing perks. If you’ve got a skill set that largely can be done on the computer, then you can easily change your day job into a home business idea.

online jobs at home


Transcription services can be are in demand for writers and journalists who don’t have the time to type up interviews, but need the exact wording of the content spelled out on the page for them. Consequently, a great, way to get started in this business is to connect with writers groups, and advertise or offer up transcription assistance. If you type extremely quickly while listening to someone talk, you might consider transcription services for your home business. This may not be the most exciting of our home business ideas, but, it is low-cost, flexible, and you can get started very easily. There are all kinds of companies out there who hire freelance transcriptionists, as well as specific services that employ individuals to transcribe audio for various clients.

online jobs at home


Choosing an online home-based business is totally a personal decision. You are the only one who can decide if any of these home business ideas are plausible based on your specific situation. It is therefore up to you to follow through on any idea that you believe is appropriate and financially beneficial to you. Certainly, the home-based business market is growing rapidly, especially in small communities, and niche markets. If you’re intent on shifting to a home-based career, then, the opportunity is out there to start, sustain, and even grow your own business. If you’re exploring small business ideas from home to find the one that will be cost-effective, fit your skills, and inspire you, we hope you found the right idea on our list. You may even find a lot of other possibilities on other blogs, but coming up with some small business ideas that yield higher profits is tricky. So, choose your passion carefully and turn your dream into reality.

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 Before you get started, however, you’ll want to make sure you’ve done your research, created a plan, and have taken all of the appropriate legal steps. This includes setting yourself up as a business entity, and finding the necessary funding. Once you get all of the base work out of the way, you can completely devote yourself to business, enjoying, of course, the freedom of the work from home lifestyle.

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